Homemade gourmet goodies
now available in Las Vegas!

Healthy sweet option in Las Vegas!

Did you know that refined sugar is more addictive than drugs? It's also dangerous for your health! You can do it better! It's time to take care of your body - outside and inside. Do something for yourself and change your eating habits now! Try the variousity of goodies: from pralines, balls, bars, cookies to cakes and even bread! We have special options for kids and adults - no sugar, no flour, no diary, no gluten... NO GUILT! Everybody loves it!

The sweets are carefully handmade with just natural ingredients! Inside of them you will find organic fresh fruits, various nuts, dried fruits, whole wheat or gluten free oats, non-diary milk, coconut oil etc. Now you can enjoy healthy snacks every day! Put all the natural sweets to your daily diet to stay happy, vigorous and fit!

How to order some treats?

Just contact me! I'll send you menu options with pictures, ingredient list, nutricious information and the price list.

Order here!

To place your order, send me an e-mail with details. Still don't know what to choose? Let me know - I will make a special offer just for you!

Phone: (+1 702 682 1339)