Did you know that...
sugar is more addictive than drugs?

Sugar addiction

Sugar is not only unhealthy and toxic. It is also addictive - more than cocaine! If you constantly eat sugar you want to eat it more and more. It happens because your “pleasure centre” in the brain wants to “get high” more often and with higher dosage. Now, you probably understand why kids are so moody when they are refused to get their favorite sweets or why that muffin has such a power over you, huh?

Wait, does it mean that we feed ourselves or our kids they are going to be the next generation with toxic addictive drug called sugar?! Well, yes - you got it!

As terrible it sounds, the good news is - your consumption of sugar and influence on your and you kids life depends on you. Yes, you are the boss!

I want to say good job to you - you are here because you want to educate yourself and become your own boss with fighting this sugar addiction. This is the big step to raise happy and healthy children and stay in a good shape (physically and mentally) for yourself.

Remember, that sugar is not a main ingredient in common sweets, such ice cream and desserts only. Let’s take soda: this is a fluid sugar. Ketchup, sauces, seasoning contain tons of sugar. Meat - yes you have guessed right, even meat can be filled with sugar. Tea? Check it out on the label. Some teas already contain sugar. Cereals are sugar bombs. Bread, buns, pastries you name it, all filled with sugar. Crackers? Yes sir, stuffed with sugar. The list is not over but these are just examples.

So get up with the shock, I have a task for you this week. If you want to change something in your life, go to the grocery store and check it out in how many products you usually buy you can find sugar in. Now, what percentage of your typical grocery list you should eliminate to keep a sugar free products only? If you stop somewhere close to 80% it means that you can consider yourself being lucky.

Can you find out the resolution, how you should change your grocery list and your nutritional habits to get the number below 20% of products containing sugar that are taken from your list? Perhaps it is a good idea to change a store and buy more fresh products - veggies, fruits, pastries, meat - from local retailers instead from big malls?

There are many small steps you can take to start cutting down the sugar in your diet:
1. Try to avoid processed foods and have plenty of greens
2. Pick up a whole fruit instead of sweets
3. Satisfy your sweet tooth with natural sweeteners
4. Clean the house from any sugary temptations
5. Manage your magnesium and chromium levels by eating more products that naturally contain these micronutrients
6. When you crave sugar go for a walk, listen to the music, talk to friend, play tetris, breath, take a bath etc.
7. Anything to keep your mind busy and distracted from taking another dose of sugary drugs
8. Meditate, breath, pray, be mindful. Enjoy the changes for better

I hope you find it interesting!
Coach Lucy, PhD


All information provided in this article are not intended as a substitute for consultation with a licensed healthcare practitioner. Read the whole disclaimer here.


5 Clues You Are Addicted To Sugar by MARK HYMAN, MD

How to end your sugar addiction by Sarah Elizabeth Richards for Life by DailyBurn

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Coach Lucy, PhD

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